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From a Hand-painting on Leaf…To a Designer Eco-Friendly Silk Scarf.

¨I Feel Luxurious¨ Scarf
We cater to your Luxurious side and provide you with exclusive 100% pure, handwoven ¨Ahimsa¨,¨Eri¨, or ¨Non-violent¨ eco-friendly silk scarves. This very special silk can be found only in a few places around the world such, as the Northeastern state of Assam, in India, China and Japan. What makes it unique is that the silkworms are not harmed in the silk production. ¨ahimsa¨comes from the Sanskrit work meaning non-violent.

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36¨ (90cm) Square, 26¨(66cm) Square, 16¨(40cm) Square


Eri (Non-Violent) Silk Scarf