Elevate Your Style

Elevate Your Style

Our Forte is Boutique & Art to Wear


¨I Feel Luxurious¨
We cater to your Luxurious side and provide you with exclusive 100% pure, handwoven ¨ahimsa¨,¨eri¨, or ¨non-violent¨ eco-friendly silk scarves. This very special silk can be found only in a few places around the world such, as the Northeastern state of Assam, in India, China and Japan. What makes it unique is that the silkworms are not harmed in the silk production. ¨Ahimsa¨comes from the Sanskrit work meaning non-violent.

¨I Feel Special¨
For those of you who want to feel special, and really, who doesn´t… We have the classic, soft, lightweight and sheer ¨habotai¨ silk scarf (8mm), often referred to as “China silk”, as the majority of the material is currently woven there using delicate, hand-reeled silk.

¨I Can Afford It¨
We have something special for you. Paintings on mixed-media carefully reproduced on satin charmeuse,  polyester satin, and matte crepe. Experience beautiful art to wear at an inexpensive price, with a lustrous soft fabric. You will love its nice drape and gorgeous flowing feel . The perfect accessory for any outfit.

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