Our Story

¨Hello. Welcome to my site. My name is Anu Nadimpalli. I have been an Architectural and Interior designer in my ¨previous life¨, until ill health forced me to change my life and career around. Since then, I became an avid student of life, in all its precious twists and turns.
Today, I have been fortunate to be spending the rest of my life exploring beauty in people, places and things around me. I am honored that you are visiting me and my Company. My goal is that you experience my inspirational paintings and words in your own Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive way.¨

A chance meeting with a German intuitive artist, unleashed an unexpected strain of creativity in this artist. Anu Nadimpalli made three paintings that day. The first two she liked very much. The third, she hated and put away in her cupboard.

Months later, this very third painting would change her life yet again. A passing idea, made over a cup of coffee with her friend, transformed this one ´bad´ painting into a gem and a creative technique was born. Painting, using mixed-media and surfaces!

Anu credits this creative paradigm shift in her life to her background. Born in India, she spent her childhood and teen years living in different parts of the country. Most of her adult life was spent doing the same in U.S.A, Singapore and for the past seven years in Barcelona, Spain, her current home.

She has a Diploma in Interior Design in India and an M-ARCH (architecture) degree in San Diego, California, USA, with a specialization in Urban Design. Had several years of work experience as an architectural and interior designer until ill health forced her to change her career.

Being a creative from day one, she found instant solace in photography and painting, which soon became her second career choice.
Her Paintings are an expression of this unique life experience.

Today, Anu Nadimpalli is an Intuitive, Imaginative and Interactive artist who paints on leaf in her own unconventional style.

Why Leaf?
¨It is a little piece of my ancient culture that I want to share with you. For centuries, we have had these lovely bio-degradable dinner plates, made of leaf used in Weddings and special occasions.
I thought why not do something different.¨